Monday, December 05, 2005

...It's about my gift!

My son Justin bought my Christmas gift today, and has been torturing me with hints about it. The gift is:
  • Heavier than a feather, lighter than a bowling ball.

  • Bigger than a shoe box, smaller than a refrigerator; can definitely fit Mica in it(all 7 lbs, 12 oz of her).

  • Can be used for home or office.

  • Asks if you feel lucky.

  • May take batteries (takes electricity, but has no cord - would be much bigger if it took electricity).

  • Been around since the late 1800's.

  • Could be used for decorative purposes.

  • Unique.

  • Trivial, but cooler for having one - cool factor of 9.9.

  • Makes opening noises when you open the box (he made me listen to him open the box).

  • Sometimes it makes sounds, sometimes it doesn't.

  • Needs more pieces.

  • The instructions have four figures.

  • It is badass.

  • He wants one.

  • He may keep mine, and get me something else.(!)

  • Makes a thumping noise when you tap on it.

  • The surfaces are very clean (which is good because of what it is).

  • It has an opening that clicks in place.

  • Has five legs for support.

  • May be a choking hazard.

  • Six things; three that are silent, three that are noisy.

  • Has two off/on switches.

  • Has #1 Phillips head screws.

  • All my friends are going to think it is cool.

  • Will be tempted to show it off.

  • It has psychedelic colors.

  • There is a small tear in the box.

  • You have to be careful when preparing this thing to get it to do what it does; in the process of getting it ready, you could break it (according to the instructions).

  • No quality control sticker on it.

  • Company that made it is based in Ohio, in a city with an ironic name, considering who the giftee is.

  • Makes my son and his wife both think about bugs.

  • There's a note on it (tells about usage of the product).

  • Makes people angry when they go near them (causes aggravation for people).

  • Most likely will not cause a seizure.

  • Not a home planetarium, but could be if you modified it.

  • Cost more than one, but less than $100 US.

  • Some parts are clear, some parts are opaque.

  • Plastic and metal.

  • Ah, aahhh eeehh ehh, hnnnhhhh.(hint from Mica)

If anyone can guess what it is before midnight December 24, 2005, he will send them a present - to first person only. E-mail me with your guess.

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