Sunday, July 13, 2003

Seems to be about me, but it isn't:

Today*, I think evil drips like big blobs of ethereal ooze through the fabric of the universe, and occasionally blobs on someone, which can make them mean until it drips off. If your spirit is smooth and sleek, it slips off of you in a day, or hours. If your spirit is calloused, it might taked days or a week to run off. If it is broken in many places, evil sticks, and pools in the hollows, thus possibly making one evil for years.

I just felt a drip.

*I reserve the right to modify, or completely change my thoughts on the subject from the moment of typing on into perpetuity. Ideas should be fluid.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Ok, spent the day being lazy. I had things I was supposed to do, but after the work so much the days were a blur past few weeks I have had, I think it was necessary for my sanity. I watched several movies, surfed, ate too many sweet cherries, and took a long nap.

Made a delightful movie discovery. 'Thumbtanic' (1999) a spoof of Titanic performed by thumbs, written & produced by Steve Oedekerk. If you haven't seen it, find it. I laughed myself lightheaded. (Shut up.)

The best fireworks display occured right outside my window today. There is a large city park next to my apartment complex, and several hundred people showed up to watch the pyrotechnics. A sudden wind & thunderstorm blew in, and caused everyone to grab children and lawnchairs, and run for their cars. It was great! Everybody screaming, lightning streaking across the sky, and then all the fireworks were set off. There was no timing, so I think they did it as a safety measure. Whatever it was, the only thing that was lacking was someone running down the street yelling 'Armageddon!'. Yup, it was the best ever. Wish I had gotten it on video.

Hope you day was just as good.